4 Quick Tips to Transform Your Reputation

Do you know what people are saying about your on the Internet? Have you ever checked? Do people know what you’re doing in your business? Do people know what you think about the most current events in your industry? If you answered “no” to any of these questions then you might want to follow these four steps as soon as possible:

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4 Best Practices for Building a Strong Team

Are you building or leading a business team of some sort? How do you know if you’re setting the right example? There are many theories about what are the best ways to manage a group of people in business, but there are some core practices that are common among all industries. The following four activities are essential to maintaining and growing any company of people: Continue reading

On Whom Should You Focus Your Marketing?

How do you know who exactly is the right type of person on which to focus your marketing? The GDI article mentions three key types of people that are the most ideal for marketing their website products and their affiliate program; however, these three types of people are really ideal for marketing any web-based business today: Continue reading

Daniel Dogaru Wins Third Place in Website Contest

Daniel Dogaru-Cecilius, Romania | Web WarriorsCongratulations to Mr. Daniel Dogaru-Cecilius of Romania. His website won 3rd place in GDI’s WebSite Contest that ended the first week of May 2012, as voted by thousands of Facebook users. …


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Top 7 Reasons Why You Fail in Marketing

Are you or someone you know failing in marketing? There are several possible reasons why people fail in business ventures, or in marketing their current venture. Here are my top 7 reasons in no particular order:

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The 4 Pillars of Marketing + 4 Entrepreneur Tips

Are you a beginner to the concept or marketing? Are you not sure where to begin? Maybe you don’t even have a product yet. Maybe you don’t know how to promote. In this article we’ll review a webinar that covers the four basic pillars of marketing, as well as four beginner tips for working from home as an independent entrepreneur. … Continue reading

7 Twitter Tips: How to Increase Your Number of Followers

Do you use Twitter for marketing? If you’re looking to sell anything to the younger demographics, it’s a great place to post brief updates and market your brand at no charge. Do you ever come across people who have a large following? Do you ever wonder how they got such a following? There are few ways it could have happened… Continue reading